Basic Principle

We investigate the Swaging and contribute to development of the plasticity processing.

[Toward Swaging processing technology best in the world, we contribute to the development of plasticity processing.]

To master Swaging

It is to pursue ultimate cycle time of customer requirements, precision, roundness, straightness, the surface roughness, it is reflected in the products and machines.

To contribute to development of the plasticity processing

It is engage in the business contributes metal processing (plasticity processing) suitable for environment.


We aim at employees who are trusted by customers, the company is expected to society.

The employees that are trusted by customers, think in the customer's point of view, sincere attitude, judgment fair, is to the corresponding certain speed, it is to meet (quality, price, delivery time) to the needs of our customers.

The company which is expected to society, it is to create products that will help society through human resources education.

It is to contribute to society, customers and partners by to growth and development through the tax. It is to answer in the material and spiritual both sides happy employee's

Human Resource Policy

We act up to personalism.

(Increasing the personality to establish a better technology)

JAROC is the place of the personality growth of working employees.

"personality growth isTo deepen knowledge (moral, vocational skills),To deepen (customer service skills power)experience, To increase (power to accept, power to recognize) personable."

To deepen knowledge, it is to acquire moral sense and the sense of cooperation as the human being of the organization, and to investigate efficiency and effect characteristics of the work to polish knowledge.

To deepen experience, it is to acquire a skill to create a product better now to answer the demand of the customers.

To increase personable, it is notice that we add looks to encounter oneself in good points and bad points of another person and we introspect and take it obediently and promote the good point of the person and to accept bad point.

Quality policy

We will perform continuous improvement in order to improve customer satisfaction.