Machine Production

We do our best CNC swaging machine to be of use to you. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

1st sections of production / Section chief
Kouichi Saitou
  • CNC swaging machine
  • Swaging mold
  • Plastic working machine

Outsourced parts processing

In 2nd sections of production, we utilize the swaging machine of its own manufacture for "Monodzukuri (Manufacturing)" with the originality, do our best every day. Please contact us anything.

2nd sections of production / Section chief
Mitsuya Takezawa
  • Processing of swaging parts and pressed parts
  • Automotive parts processing (tube spline, steering upper shaft, torsion pan, glow plug, CVJ shaft)
  • Processing of eyeglass parts (β titanium, rubber metal, NT alloy, etc.)
  • Processing of consumer parts (titanium, SUS304, etc.)
  • Medical parts processing
  • Other plastic parts processing / trial processing
  • Dies for swaging machines (swaging dies)
  • Jig tool production
  • Sales of high-performance additive oil forming ace for forging (swaging processing oil forming ace)

List of owned equipment



JAROC CNC swaging machine SW-20

JAROC CNC swaging machine SW-8003


300t press

160t press

110t press

80t press

60t press

45t press

35t press

10t press

High frequency annealing machine

Flat surface polishing machine * 1

Buff machine

Wet barrel machine

Dry barrel machine

Rotary press

Round bar cutting machine

Collaborative dual-arm robot * 2

Tapping machine

80t servo press * 3

NC lathe


NC electric discharge machine


Milling machine

Drilling machine

Machining center * 4

Radial drilling machine

Cylindrical grinding machine

High speed powerful bow saw

Surface treatment equipment

Hardness meter

Contour machine

Various measuring instruments

* 1 Flat surface polishing machine

* 2 Collaborative dual-arm robot

* 3 80t servo press

* 4 Machining center