About us


We are developing products to contribute to the development of plastic processing through CNC swaging machines and parts processing. In addition, we carry out various prototype processing from non-ferrous metals such as titanium to steel with our swaging machines from small to large.

Through research on swaging, the good aspect of each employee is utilized in products and services, and it is our mission to continue developing products and applications with accumulated skill and new senses. Without forgetting the origin of "manufacturing", we aim to be the best swaging technology in the world and contribute to society.

President, Kiyonori Takezawa

About us

JAROC, Founder established as Iron Works which produce a machine for processing, such as parts made of titanium and iron that is used for glasses frame which is local industry. In 1981, we have developed world's first CNC swaging machine "JAROC-ACE SW-8003". We sale glasses part makers, because it has been evaluated that the materials yield is good without generating chips. After that, we have developed a SW-20, SW-30, SW-40 to increase the size of the machine. Currently, JAROC-ACE which has high precision by CNC increased sales result in the automobile parts maker.

Company name JAROC Co., Ltd.
President Kiyonori Takezawa
Address 22-1 Simokogita-cho, Fukui-City, Fukui-Pref
Tel. +81-776-38-6500
FAX +81-776-38-6200
Since September, 1965
Establishment July, 1970
Capital 20 million yen
Number of Employees 41
Head Quarter 22-1 Simokogita-cho, Fukui-City, Fukui-Pref
E-mail main@jaroc.co.jp
ISO9001 2004

Company History

Sep. 1965 Established in Wakasugi-cho, Fukui City. Starts designing / manufacturing of dedicated machines for processing and assembling light electrical parts and electronic parts.
July 1970 Established "Royal Seiki Co., Ltd." with a capital of 2 million yen.
Develops, manufactures and sells milling cutters as Royal original brand.
Feb. 1975 Renamed to "Japan Royal Seiki Co., Ltd." with capital of 6 million yen.
Introduced production equipment for eyeglass parts (mainly temples), expanded factories and started production.
Feb. 1978 Increased capital to 10 million yen. Strengthened production.
Aug. 1978 Developed "horizontal 5-unit swaging machine" for own equipment. Started sales for eyeglasses.
Jan. 1980 Developed the world's first "NC swaging machine".
Afterward, the 2-axis head type "SW-8005 Mark 2" and the 1-axis head type "SW-8005 B type" were announced. Started the mass production. In addition, the "Vertical Rotary Swaging Machine" was announced.
Dec. 1984 Completed a new factory in Shimokogita-cho and fully relocated.
Sep. 1985 Developed and announced the swaging machine "SW-8003" with coil material specifications.
Afterward, the "SW-8003 Mark2" total CNC grinder "G-20 type" (later G-22 type) vertical swaging machine "HV type" has been developed in sequence.
Mar. 1987 Increased capital to 20 million yen.
Afterward, "SW-8003 2WAY", "SW-12020 type", "SW-4060 type" and "SW-2030 type" bar material compatible "SW-8003N" equipped with a bar feeder have been developed in sequence.
Feb. 1996 Renamed to JAROC Co., Ltd.
Kiyonori Takezawa becomes president.
Mar. 2004 Obtained ISO9001 certificate.
(* Current swaging machine models were integrated into "SE type", "SW-8003", "SW- 8003N", "SW-20 type", "SW-20N type", "SW-30 type" and "SW-40 type". In addition to eyeglasses, expanded to a wide range of automobile parts, consumer parts, medical parts, aircraft parts, etc. Also developed outsourced processing of various parts centered on swaging processing.)
Mar. 2019 SW-8003 acquired CE standard and became possible to export to Europe as SW- 8003CE.