JAROC's corporate culture goal

  • A corporate culture that accepts and realizes customer needs.
  • A corporate culture in which people are willing to act and complete mission.
  • A corporate culture that respects older people and bosses.
  • A corporate culture that constantly aims to improve technology.
  • A corporate culture that adheres to delivery due dates.
  • A corporate culture that values management resources (people, goods, money & information).

Image of ideal employees working at our company

  • A person who has a strong will to continue doing everything until the result is obtained.
  • A person who can voluntarily cooperate with working colleagues.
  • A person who can make work bright, fun and energetic.
  • A person who is sincere, responsible and serious about his or her work.
  • A person who takes pride in being a JAROC employee and acts responsibly.
  • A person who can unite with the management policy and challenge the realization of the vision.

Application Requirements

Mechanic for electrical wiring (19-35 years old) Job to arrange and wire equipment while looking at the wiring diagram on the control panel attached to the machine.
Mechanical designer (22-45 years old) Job to design swaging machines and other in-house equipment.
*Mainly PC work.
Parts processor (19-45 years old) ob to process parts (lathe, milling, polishing, etc.) necessary for machine manufacturing.

* Includes meetings and sales for users. There are business trips outside the prefecture and overseas due to maintenance, repair, remodeling, etc. of the processing machine.


  • 106 days of annual holidays (2 days a week) including founding anniversary, summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays.
  • Up to 20 days of paid annual leave * Special paid leave for condolence
  • Various events (year-end party, BBQ)

Application method

New graduates, existing graduates, mid-career applications possible

We accept application by phone.
After the reception, we will adjust the schedule and please bring your resume for the interview.
The salary will be decided according to our regulations in consideration of your age and experience.