JAROC with a world top-level techniques in CNC Swaging machine.

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Example of Swaging machine

Machine CNC Swaging machine
(Type: SW-20)
CNC Swaging machine
(Type: SW-8003)
Material outer diameter φ5 - φ15 φ0.6 - φ6.0
Processing outer
diameter stroke
Maximum: φ7.0mm Maximum: φ5.0mm
Processing feed stroke Maximum: 300mm Maximum: 200mm
Materials SUS304, STKM,Titanium, Aluminum
*Processable in solid materials and pipe materials
SUS, Titanium, Copper

Example of Swaging processing

In the pipe processing, it is possible to ensure the precision of the outer and inner diameter at the same time by inner diameter core metal processing

<Inner diameter core metal processing>

φ9.5mm×0.5t SUS304 pipe → outer φ6.0mm, inner φ4.5mm

<Processing of solid materials>


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