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Kouichi Saitou

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CNC swaging machine

By CNC 2-axis simultaneous control, automatic operation possible the complex forging without die change. We will challenge the “Human FA”.

CNC swaging machine JAROC-ACE series is cold forging processing automatic any shape, by NC die, without die exchange.

In addition, material automatic supply and the automatic exhaust system setting that matched with a user layout by an option are possible. It realizes the unmanned automatic operation.

Strength of JAROC “CNC swaging machine”
CNC swaging machine, go to meet the needs of the times to change from cutting to plasticity process.


No chips Chips does not generate without cutting material for cold forging processing.Reduction of material costs.
Surface roughness Surface roughness is improved by a high-speed hitting technology by rotary forging.
Strength The strength of parts is increased by work hardening. Strength is improved by extending by hitting.
Inner diameter processing It is possible to create a spline shape to the inner diameter by putting core metal in pipe.
Dimension precision By CNC, it offers high precision, and dimension adjustment is easy.
Nonferrous metal It can process aluminum,titanium,stainless steel, shape-memory alloy, β-titanium, magnesium.
Light-weighting By making hollow what conventionally is being processed by shaving
from the solid material, the light weighting of the part is possible.


Processable wire diameter Φ1.0-Φ6.0
• It can supply coil materials directly.
• Die setup in case of material diameter change is easy.
Processable material wire diameter Φ1.5-Φ4.0
• Long material and coiled Material can be supplied in combined.
• Difficulty processing materials such as NT alloy Can be processed.

The coil material sent by a reel stand is drawn with a built-in rotary straight line machine.
After swaging processing, clamp cut in certain dimensions.
Dedicated machine for coil material processing (Processing feed guide is equipped)


There is also dedicated machine for center-less material such as NT alloy.
There is also supply device with material for 2M, 3M.



Stroke diameter 30mm
*Serration processing is possible.


Automobile parts

It can substitute a pipe for the thing which has been processed by shaving from the solid material, so the light weighting of the part is possible.

Compared with the cutting, it contributes to the improvement of the product yield, and the strength of parts is increased by work hardening.

Steering shaft

Material: STKM15A
Light-weight ratios: about 30% down

Tie rod

Material: STKM13A
Light-weight ratios: about 50% down

Shift leber

Material: STKM15A
Light-weight ratios: about 40% down

Inner diameter spline

Material: STKM13A
Yield rate: up
Inside diameter and outer diameter simultaneous processing

Torsion bar

Material: SCR440
Yield rate: 40% up
Spring constant: up

Shock absorber


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