JAROC with a world top-level techniques in CNC Swaging machine.

Consignment parts processing - 2nd sections of production

2nd sections of production / Section chief
Mitsuya Takezawa

In 2nd sections of production, we utilize the swaging machine of its own manufacture for “Monodzukuri (Manufacturing)” with the originality, do our best every day.
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Swaging parts

It can be processed pure titanium, β titanium alloy, and the nonferrous metal such as copper and aluminum without generating chips, and it contributes to the improvement of the product yield.

In addition, spring constant improves by work hardening by cold forging.

Inner Spline

SUS shaft(φ5.0 solid materials)

STKM shaft

Aluminum pipe

SUS pipe

Small diameter Swaging

Material: β-Titanium

Material: SUS304

Material: SUS430
Small diameter pipe

Taper processing example

Outer diameter: φ8→φ3.5
Inner diameter: φ1
Taper angle: 60°
Material: SUS304


Right angle processing example

Outer diameter: φ4→φ3.4
Inner diameter: φ3→φ2.5
Inner dia./ Outer dia. angle: about 90°
Material: SUS304

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Stranded Swaging parts

Wire rope
(Stranded processing)

<Sectional photograph>

Material diameter: φ0.42 1×5 φ0.14 → Processing diameter: φ0.37 L=3000

Press parts

In our company, in addition to the swaging parts processing, we also offer press parts processing.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about anything, such as estimate and examination of whether or not the processing.



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