JAROC with a world top-level techniques in CNC Swaging machine.

What is Swaging?

What is Swaging?

Swaging is cold forging processing while hitting die that is divided is rotated to reduce the outer diameter of the pipe and round bar.

In JAROC, by CNC (Computer Numerical Control), die setup and dimension adjustment is easy and offers products of high precision.

For the tube spline, it is possible to create a female-shaped spline shape to the inner diameter by swaging processing in the situation that put cored bar of the spline (male type) in pipe.

In addition, there are other advantages such as chip does not appear, the product yield is improved, and the strength of parts is increased by work hardening.

So, it is hoped that it spreads through various fields in future.

What is plasticity processing?

Plasticity processing is to be processed into a shape of interest by deforming by applying a mechanical force to the material, without dissolving and cutting.

As for the metal materials, mechanical properties such as the strength are improved by performing plasticity process.

In addition, the plasticity processing is generally more advantageous than cutting at a point os the cost, because there is little loss of materials, and processing speed is fast.

It is used for the production of industrial products widely because processing time is shorter than other processing methods, and there is little loss of materials in general.

As a kind of the plasticity process, there is forging, a metal press and process it, extrusion, a wiredrawing, a draw, and, reducing work, and the plasticity processing occupies the important field of the metal processing.

About CNC Swaging machine

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