JAROC with a world top-level techniques in CNC Swaging machine.

Business contents

Business contents

Design, manufacturing and sales

CNC Swaging machine
Swaging die
Plasticity processing machine

Parts processing

Swaging parts,press parts processing
Automobile parts processing
(ex. Tube spline, Steering upper shaft, Torsion bar, Glow plug, CVJ shaft)
Glasses parts processing (ex. β-titanium alloy, rubber metal, NT alloy)
Commercial parts processing (ex. titanium, SUS304)
Medical parts processing
Other plasticity processing parts
Trial production
Swaging machine die
Production of jig and tool
Sale of a high-performance addition Oil “Forming Ace” for forging processing
(Swaging processing oil “Forming Ace”)

Development of the world’s first CNC swaging machine

Founder established as Iron Works which produce machine for processing, such as parts made of titanium and iron that is used for glasses frame which is local industry, by using the “Swaging” technology which reduce the diameter while pulling a metal pipe.

In 1981, we have developed world’s first CNC Swaging machine “JAROC-ACE SW-8003”.

We increases the sale results for glasses part makers, because it has been evaluated that the materials yield is good without generating chips.

Development to automobile part

Leveraging the features (improvement of strength by work hardening, high precision, easy dimension adjustment, light-weighting) possessed by the CNC swaging machine, worked on the production of apparatus for produce automobile parts, we extending the sales performance in the automobile parts makers.

We have been produced the automobile parts that are required the high precision such as tube spline, steering shaft, torsion bar and shift lever.

The production of these parts, method of CNC(Computer Numerical Control) Swaging (cold forging rotation) is used.

Our company has been working to improve the Swaging technology since its establishment, and we provide to domestic auto parts makers both machining parts and machine.

Technology development

By applying the current Swaging technology, we are engaged in the development of small diameter processing outside diameter below φ0.3mm), deformed wire processing and polygon processing.


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